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Insights is an app for Android (version 19 and above) that pops up reminder notifications about deep thoughts. Who knows? Maybe the thing you are considering or the problem you are pondering right now can benefit from the perspective that Insights can bring. What did people with some of the greatest minds in history say? Get the Insights popup app and find out!

Set Insights to automatically turn on at a certain time each day (like an alarm) and to automatically turn off later. You can even set the repeat interval. Define specific on-times and off-times. Decide whether you prefer date-specific sayings, sequential aphorisms, or totally random witticisms.

Have a favorite background image? Want to use an image you took yourself? Just pick the background image and turn the default image setting off.

Want to share your creation with friends? Simply share the combination of the image you choose with the pre-programmed aphorism via regular Android sharing. – That’s right. Share memes you create yourself with friends. Maybe you’ll create the next viral phenomenon.

Get the Insights app now. Give it a spin. It features over a year’s worth of daily aphorisms for free!

Future extensions and upgrades include:
– Different wisdom sayings, including sayings focusing on Jesus, Rumi, Hinduism, Buddhism, shamanism, new age wisdom, yoga, Oprah, success factors, and others
– Interesting facts and factoids instead of wisdom sayings. Bon mots from history, science, art, movies, songs, etc.
– “This day in history”. Anecdotes taken from history, comedy, politics, economics, warfare, biology, physics, etc.
– Saying completions – fill in the missing word or words
– Use your own sayings to create memes to save and share.

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